Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs)


Australian Marine Ecology operates several remotely operated vehicles(ROVs). ROV Ubu, is primarily used for surveying deep habitats, beyond diver depths or where bottom times are too restricted for efficient data collection. Ubu is a Seabotix LBV 150S2 five thruster ROV with scanning sonar (Tritech Micron Sonar) and USBL tracking system (Tritech Micron Nav).  This type of ROV is lightweight, can operate in slow currents, has minimal power requirements and has a standard resolution camera with 270º field of vision enabling inspection of horizontal, sloped and vertical surfaces. We have extensive experience in scientific ROV operations in a variety of environments, including deep reef canyons and shelf habitats and are at the forefront of quantitative benthic ROV surveys. The ROV is equipped with a stereo video system for quantitative fish surveys of deeper habitats.

ROV Thylacine is a Phantom HVS4 ex-navy mine hunting ROV, refurbished for scientific surveys. It is primarily used for surveying deeper reefs (300 m depth rating) and sediments of offshore, shelf, slope, pinnacle and volcano habitats. It is also used for inshore habitats where a heavy payload is required. The ROV has a variety of payload instruments, including high resolution scanning sonar, manipulator arm, sample basket, water quality loggers and we are developing an HD stereo video system.


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